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Common Truck Issues in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

The Haslam Firm May 26, 2022

Large commercial trucks are the most dangerous and catastrophic when involved in a collision. Fort Worth, Texas, and Dallas, TX, have the highest number of roadways that go through the states outskirts. Unfortunately, these roadways have the maximum number of truck crashes (18-wheelers, tanker trucks and all those ultimate big machines) to their count. According to a survey, from 2001 – 2003, 141,000 of these big rigs were involved in wrecks that either caused an injury or death. Moreover, if you track down, you will be surprised to know that most wrecks happened due to the negligence of truck drivers.

There are a few common issues faced by trucks and truck drivers who were involved in these collisions from worn-out drivers to equally active ones. Same is the case with a perfectly active driver, ready to go on a road truck to an almost running on an edge one.

Truck drivers frequently work extended hours and experience exhaustion which is one of the most common factors in truck wrecks. It’s a typical sight on Fort Worth and Dallas roads to witness a semi-truck or 18-wheeler gradually going off the road, and again fiercely deviating onto its path. At the point when drivers stretch themselves to work more than they can do, they will probably cause a disastrous truck mishap. These truck drivers also confront having work pressure from their respective trucking organizations to rapidly deliver cargo or bring one under the time limit they have assigned no matter the consequences. These exhausted truck drivers sometimes become a hazard to everyone on the road, especially to light vehicles like bike riders, or even walking pedestrians. Likewise, these mega machines need a break too and if not given, they may misbehave and veer.

As indicated by the data given by the NHTSA and FARS, in 2015, an estimated 433,000 wrecks were reported, including huge trucks in the USA. Unfortunately, of all these crashes, 74% of those killed were passengers of other vehicles.

Another common issue faced by these trucker drivers in Fort Worth, Texas, and Dallas, TX, is utilization of wireless phones or messaging on mobile phones while driving a heavy loader business vehicle, no matter how hard the track is or how much traffic they find on their way. In any case, usage of these attention seeking gadgets while driving a truck can lead to a disaster in seconds. Even eating or drinking, be it a normal meal or consumption of alcohol, should also be prohibited during truck driving. Dreadful head-on crashes, multi-vehicle crashes and deaths can be the outcome and a truck mishap can be exceptionally troublesome for the organization and the driver himself.

Trucking organizations have a lawful duty to keep up their vehicles. These organizations are in charge of settling mechanical issues, tending to security issues, and furnishing their representatives with vehicles that are sheltered to drive. However, in a hurry to meet deadlines and to make cargo deliveries on time and date, some trucking organizations regularly neglect the required day by day examination of their fleet of trucks and unwaveringly overlook safety issues to keep trucks out and about. At the point when a trucking organization neglects to keep up its trucks, the potential for a genuine truck mishap drastically multiples. Carelessness of these trucking organizations is the base of numerous trucking wrecks in Texas.

Truck drivers must perform pre-trip and post-trip reviews by law. These examinations include checking vehicle’s parts and frameworks. When a hiring company fails to examine its machinery on daily basis and hire truck drivers who do not abide by the driving rules, these disastrous mishaps happen. Robert Haslam recently deposed one of the Federal Express Senior Safety specialists and they testified that federal express drivers cause 150 preventable rear end collisions in the DFW Metroplex on a yearly basis. This tells all of us to warn our family members of the Federal Express truck behind you. The public needs to know that 3x a week Federal Express blames their driver and admits their driver rear ended the driver in front.

The litigation is trying to determine if this is primarily because the federal express drivers are speeding, distracted, tailgating or just reckless in delivering on time. Please be on the watch.

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