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Electrocution Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

Electrocution can result in irreversible, if not deadly, injuries. When negligence may have contributed to electrocutions, injured people – as well as families who have lost loved ones to fatal electrocution injuries – can turn to the experienced Fort Worth electrocution injury attorneys at The Haslam Firm for help with their financial recovery.

Since 1986, our lawyers have been dedicated to helping injured people and their families pick up the pieces after suffering the catastrophic impacts of electrocutions, electrical shocks, and electrical fires. While we understand that no amount of money can ever make up for the irreversible damage caused by electrocutions, especially when this damage includes wrongful deaths, our premises liability attorneys also understand that pursuing justice and compensation can help families obtain closure, as well as financial resources to properly put their loved ones to rest.

As part of our record of success in electrocution injury cases, our lawyers have successfully prosecuted cases – including wrongful death cases – against Design Electric and TXU. Call us to talk with our Electrocution Injury Attorneys in Fort Worth, TX.

When & Where Electrocution Injuries Occur

Unfortunately, electrocutions and electric shock injuries can take place almost anywhere. In general, however, some of the most common scenes of electrocutions include:

  • Construction sites – In fact, OSHA identified electrocution injuries among the “fatal four” in terms of the top four leading causes of death on construction sites. Reportedly, electrocutions cause nearly 9 percent of all construction site deaths each year in the U.S.

  • Oil fields – Oil fields can be just as dangerous as construction sites, as oil fields also present a significant risk of electrocution to workers. Negligence can contribute to electrocution in oil fields when, for example, an oil company fails to train workers on how to properly use heavy machinery.

  • Other workplaces – Other work settings can also be the sites of electrocutions, especially when the wiring in buildings may be cheap and/or poorly maintained, when roof leakages may be left unrepaired by exposed wiring, etc. In these cases, employers and/or building owners may be the negligent parties.

  • Commercial or retail settings – When poorly maintained commercial spaces lead to consumers sustaining electrocution injuries, again, the building owner and/or landlord can be liable for compensating injured people.

  • Homes – Tragically, various consumer products and household appliances may not be as safe as you may think. While dangerous products can lead to electrocutions at home, so too can faulty wiring in homes, which could result in landlords and/or homeowners being liable.

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The experienced Fort Worth Electrocution Injury Lawyers at The Haslam Firm, LLP understand the different kinds of injuries a victim can suffer from after an electrocution incident. Call us today to speak with our Tarrant County Electrocution Injury Attorneys.
Some factors that can increase the risk of electrocutions in any of these settings include:

  • Improperly stored flammable or volatile materials

  • Poorly maintained machinery and/or home appliances

  • Defective equipment

  • Electrical companies fail to fulfill their duties to properly maintain safe power lines.

A Closer Look at Electrical Companies’ Duties

Given that many electrocution injuries and deaths occur as a result of contact with power lines operated by major electrical companies, it’s important to take a closer look at just what responsibilities these companies generally have when it comes to their power lines. Among these obligations are the duties to:

  • Maintain power lines at a safe distance from homes, buildings, and roadways

  • Properly construct and maintain power lines

  • Repair damaged, sagging, or broken lines

  • Appropriately shut off power, mark power lines, and provide adequate warnings around these lines.

Fort Worth Electrocution Injury Attorneys at The Haslam Firm

If you have been electrocuted – or you have lost a loved one to fatal electrocution injuries, contacting the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Haslam Firm is your best option for obtaining experienced help and the highest quality legal services. Since 1986, our trusted and skilled lawyers have been dedicated to:

  • Protecting our clients’ rights while helping them effectively stand up to even the most formidable opponents

  • Providing our clients with honest answers and realistic expectations

  • Crafting the most persuasive cases for our clients

  • Helping our clients bring their cases to successful resolutions.

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