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Slip & Fall Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

Anyone can slip and fall in the blink of an eye. It’s one of those accidents that happens in mere seconds. One moment you're walking and the next you're on the ground. Many people think slipping and falling is embarrassing, so they tend to shake it off and go about their business, even if it means ignoring their pain.  

However, you need to understand that slip and fall accidents are not always the result of bad luck. These accidents are often the result of negligence on the part of the owner of the property where the accident occurs. And when someone is negligent, you can hold them responsible for your injuries and damages.  

At The Haslam Firm, we are dedicated to helping injured victims throughout the Dallas and Houston area get the compensation they need. Our personal injury attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas, are committed to ensuring that justice is served and property owners are held accountable. Since 1992, our law firm has worked hard to earn a reputation for our honesty, integrity, and personalized attention. We are ready to advocate for you and fight for the compensation to which you are entitled.  

We Handle All Types of Slip and Fall Accident Cases

Slip and fall accidents fall under the umbrella of premises liability law. These accidents can happen on any type of property and at any time. With 25+ years of experience, our attorneys at The Haslam Firm have represented individuals who suffered injuries in slip and falls at: 

  • Grocery stores 

  • Big box stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) 

  • Shopping malls 

  • Government buildings 

  • Restaurants 

  • Bars and nightclubs 

  • Sidewalks 

  • Parking lots 

  • Hotels 

  • Hospitals 

  • Schools 

  • Airports  

No matter where your injuries occurred and under which circumstances, we can evaluate your case and advise on the best legal strategy to pursue a monetary award. Our Fort Worth slip and fall attorneys will give you an honest assessment of your case by outlining the legal options available to you.  

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Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip-and-fall accident can happen for a variety of reasons. However, some factors may contribute to these accidents more often than others. These factors include: 

  • Wet floor surfaces from recently mopped floors 

  • Buildup of rain or ice 

  • Slippery floors from spills 

  • Poor lighting 

  • Lack of handrails 

Anyone can slip and fall even if they are watching where they step and exercising caution. However, slip and fall accidents are almost always preventable. But it’s usually the responsibility of the property owner (or their employees) to ensure hazardous conditions don’t exist on the premises.  

Who Is Responsible for Your Slip and Fall Accident in Fort Worth, Texas?

Under premises liability law, anyone who contributes to an accident on the property can be held responsible for the resulting injuries and damages. Depending on the facts of your slip and fall accident case, you may be able to bring a claim against the following parties: 

  • The owner or occupier of the property 

  • The owner of the business on that property 

  • The manager of the property 

  • Other guests on the property 

Sometimes, there may be more than just one liable party. At The Haslam Firm, we know what is necessary to identify all liable parties and help our clients demonstrate the elements of negligence to ensure they receive fair compensation. Our Texas slip and fall attorneys will carefully consider the facts surrounding the accident from all angles to determine liability and help you get the money to which you are entitled.  

How Can a Fort Worth Slip and Fall Attorney Help?

If you suffered injuries in a slip and fall and the accident occurred on someone else’s property, our attorneys are prepared to fight for you. We are committed to working tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive favorable resolutions. When you hire The Haslam Firm, you can expect us to: 

  • Listen closely to your story and explain the legal options available to you;  

  • Launch an immediate investigation to build a foundation for your claim;  

  • Gather all available evidence to strengthen your claim against the owner or another liable party;  

  • Identify and interview witnesses;  

  • Invest as much time and as many resources as we can to advocate for you;  

  • Establish how much your claim is worth;  

  • Prepare all the paperwork for you;  

  • Handle all negotiations with the opposing party and their insurance company; and 

  • Take your case to trial if necessary.  

If you have just been involved in a slip and fall accident, you may have more questions than answers. Right now, you might feel like life will never go back to normal. However, with our help, you can focus on your recovery and putting your life back together while we work toward securing compensation for your trouble.

Slip and Fall Lawyers in Fort Worth, Texas

At The Haslam Firm, we have more than 25 years of experience fighting on behalf of injured victims like you. We have seen it all – and we can put our experience to good use. The last thing you need when trying to recover is to worry about the burden of handling your legal case. We can handle your entire case from start to finish so you can prioritize your health. Get in touch today to set up a free case review.