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Case Results

The Haslam Firm have pursued individuals and companies that have hurt and maimed fellow Texans through bankruptcy many times to obtain compensation and try and level the playing field for them.

We are glad to help people that have been wrongfully injured and need to have their lives and their families lives repaired.

  1. Robert Haslam and co-counsel, Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, represented Doug Sanders in an enjoyable trial in Houston with former federal Judge John Singleton.

  2. Robert Haslam worked multiple cases with Richard “Racehorse” Haynes from 2008 to 2015.

  3. Robert Haslam represented Dianna Ossana and Larry McMurtry in a trial against their insurance company in Judge Birdwell’s Court. He obtained an excess jury verdict for them for over $120,000 above the coverage.

  4. In the case of Jones v. Allstate, tried in October 2019 in the 352nd District Court, Tarrant County, Allstate would only offer the Plaintiff/their insured $2,500 on her Underinsured Motorist Automobile Insurance claim. The jury returned a verdict of $595,000.

  5. The Haslam Firm is defending a Tulsa friend’s oil company in Houston, Texas, in litigation for allegations against them of trespass and breach of contract.

  6. We helped the Cassillo family in the Bus Rollover crash on George Bush tollway on April 11, 2013, recover a Judgment against the Bus driver and Company for $1,126,652 when the passenger suffered a broken neck and the spouse recovered her damages. Choctaw Casino settled with the Cassillos before their trial. The case was tried to a jury in March 2017, in the 236th District Court, Tarrant County, Texas. Read more and watch news coverage here.

  7. Wethington v. Swainson and Pegasus Airsport Center, Oklahoma Western District Federal Court. CIV -14-899-D. We helped the Plaintiff recover a Judgment in excess of $700,000 for the skydiver’s injuries from the negligence of the owner/operator. The case made national news. The Haslam Firm continued to pursue collection of the Judgement based on assets the Defendant took to London, England. Read more and listen to news coverage here.

  8. The Haslam Firm helped the Estate of Stephen Brown recover a product liability settlement from various defendants including the Italian manufacturer, Soilmec, for a confidential amount in 2017. Key evidence was procured from testimony in Bologna, Italy.

  9. Four law firms did not accept the task of helping Amanda Nicholson recover from a negligent defendant when she was rendered permanent injuries. We helped prove the gross negligence of the Defendant operator through reconstruction and diligent pursuit of evidence. Amanda receives lifetime payments of a confidential amount.

  10. Robert Haslam Esq. tried a crossing case in Matagorda and recovered more than 1.5 million dollars in a Brazoria and Corsicana County, Texas cases.

  11. We have been hired in the Biloxi Mississippi train-bus crash case.

  12. The Haslam Firm recovered a million dollar verdict for a worker that suffered a permanent foot injury from a crush injury by a co-worker. Many said he could not recover and the company tried to sell its assets and file bankruptcy. The Haslam Firm pursued the company and subsequent company through bankruptcy to recover monthly lifetime payments for the Tarrant County worker.

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  15. The Haslam Firm settled a case with three insurance policies for all of the limits tendered for a bad driver driving the wrong way on a roadway near Arlington stadium.

  16. The Haslam Firm won a Texas high verdict in a drunk driving case that killed four young boys when the drunk driver was going the wrong way on the freeway in Ft Worth. Call us if we can help your family.