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Truck Wreck Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

Demanding Justice for Victims of Truck Wrecks

Although the trucking industry is vital to our country’s economy, it is not without its dangers and drawbacks. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, truck crashes cause more than 100,000 injuries each year in the United States and, in 2019, truck wrecks resulted in nearly 5,000 deaths. 

While hiring a competent and qualified attorney in some legal matters is not of immediate importance, in a trucking case, it can mean the difference between recovery and losing.

At The Haslam Firm, our experienced personal injury attorneys understand how devastating the impacts of a severe truck crash can be, especially when these wrecks may have been preventable. That’s why we have been providing injured people — as well as faultless truckers and trucking companies — with experienced help, personalized legal service, and justice since 1986. 

Our Truck Crash Practice

When you work with our attorneys, you can be confident that you will have experienced, skilled, and resourceful litigators fighting to help you obtain the compensation and justice you likely deserve. At The Haslam Firm, our lawyers have a history of successfully resolving truck injury cases spanning a variety of collision causes and forms of recklessness, including:

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Our Fort Worth Truck Crash attorneys are also skilled at representing:

  • Drivers and others who have been injured by negligent truckers and/or negligent trucking companies

  • Families who have lost their loved ones in a fatal truck wreck

  • Truck drivers and trucking companies who have been wrongly accused of injuring people

If you or someone you know requires legal representation in any of these situations, get in touch with us today. Our fearless and intuitive truck wreck attorneys have helped hundreds of victims in many types of personal injury cases throughout Dallas, Houston, and the rest of Texas. With offices in Fort Worth, Texas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, you can rely on us for the personalized assistance and aggressive advocacy you’re entitled to. 

How Our Truck Wreck Attorneys Can Help You

Stemming from our truck crash litigation experience is our dedication to building solid cases tailored to each unique client’s situation. Our attorneys, Bob Haslam, Esq. and Robert Haslam Jr., diligently compile evidence and leave no detail overlooked or question unanswered. For your truck wreck case, you can expect our attorneys to enlist the following strategies to strengthen your claim for maximum compensation:

  • Collaborating with renowned experts in the trucking industry to fully understand the facts of your case and keep up-to-date with regulation changes

  • Using the latest jury research, development, and behavior analysis to manage litigation risks

  • Routinely conducting mock trials and/or focus groups before trial to fully assess potential risks and challenges

  • Reaching out to fellow personal injury lawyers, insurance attorneys, and other legal colleagues around the United States for supplementary counsel

And, in terms of consistently providing our clients with the highest quality legal services, our truck wreck attorneys can always be counted on to:

  • Protect our clients’ rights and interests throughout their case

  • Provide our clients with honest answers and realistic expectations

  • Craft the most persuasive cases for our clients

  • Help our clients bring their cases to successful resolutions.

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If you were hurt in a trucking wreck in which negligence may have been involved, our experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyers at The Haslam Firm are here for you and ready to help. To discuss your case and learn more about your best options for moving forward, set up a free initial consultation with our Fort Worth, Texas, or Tulsa, Oklahoma firm today. 

From our offices based in Fort Worth and Tulsa, our trusted lawyers provide superior legal representation to people throughout the states of Texas and Oklahoma, including (but not exclusive to) those in Dallas, Houston, and across the United States.