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Manufacturers have an obligation to create and distribute products that have been quality assured and deemed safe for the public to handle. Unfortunately, safety too often gets overshadowed by the priority of profit, leading to the tragic transformation of mundane or seemingly harmless products into dangerous — and sometimes, even deadly — weapons. Always remember that what we buy and use may not always be as safe as we may think, and if you or a loved one gets harmed by a defective product, our experienced products liability attorneys at The Haslam Firm are here, ready to help you stand up to powerful corporations and hold their negligent manufacturers accountable.

In addition to representing the people hurt by defective products, our attorneys also provide personalized legal services to Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, and Tulsa families who have lost their loved ones as a result of dangerous products. No matter what your product liability situation entails, we can provide effective guidance about filing your claim and your options moving forward during a free initial consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment

Product Liability Statute of Limitations

At The Haslam Firm, our product liability attorneys have a record of successfully representing people injured by harmful products. Some types of cases that we have specific experience overseeing include:

  • Dangerous household appliances 

  • Harmful medications

  • Treacherous medical devices

  • Defective vehicle equipment

  • Harmful or defective children’s products and toys

  • Cancer-causing household products

  • Metal on metal catastrophes

  • Faulty implants or other medical products

The statute of limitations in both Texas and Oklahoma for filing a personal injury claim is two years and it’s important that you contact our law office very soon after your product-related injury takes place. Insurance companies act fast, but so do we. We’ll begin investigating as early as we can and discuss what actions we can take to collect sufficient evidence for your case. We'll work hard to illuminate your truth, fight for justice, and keep you fully informed every step of the way.

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Experience Matters

Our attorneys have the high levels of skill, confidence, and compassion that only experienced lawyers can possess. The following summarizes some of the notable victories that we’ve achieved in recent product liability cases for our Fort Worth and Tulsa clients:

  • $1 million and a confidential settlement from the manufacturer of flammable sound-proof foam that lacked flame retardant and burned children

  • $1.4 million in compensation for a client who had an arm amputated due to Garnett Machinery’s inadequate safety fence

  • $2 million verdict, affirmed on appeal, in a case in which a defective trailer hitch made by Hammerblow Trailer Hitch caused the trailer to be released from a vehicle. Our Fort Worth products liability attorneys have prosecuted additional similar cases to confidential settlements.

  • A confidential settlement from Pavement Saw for its failure to follow ANSI standards in the design and manufacturing of saws.

  • Several confidential settlements from Yoo-Hoo due to its bottled beverages exploding and causing eye injuries. Subsequent to our cases, Yoo-Hoo changed the caps on the bottles to screw tops.

  • Several settlements from GM for various dangerous pieces of vehicle equipment including defective door latches resulting in passenger ejections, defective roofs, and seats that led to Suburban rollovers and a failure to incorporate airbags in some vehicles.

  • We pursued the negligent and grossly negligent skydiving operation that wrongfully injured a 16-year-old first-time jumper when they provided her with a small old 175 Bogey parachute that malfunctioned. The operator ran to Europe to hide from the Judgment. While we are still pursuing him for payment of the Federal Court Judgment, at least fellow Oklahomans and Texans know he is no longer in operation.

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Have you been harmed or lost a loved one to a defective product? If so, our experienced and trusted attorneys at The Haslam Firm are ready to put their legal and insurance knowledge and skills to work to help you obtain the justice and compensation you deserve. Since 1986, our lawyers have been dedicated to:

  • Providing our clients with experienced help, personalized legal service, and realistic expectations

  • Advocating our clients’ rights and interests throughout the course of their case

  • Crafting the most persuasive cases for our clients

  • Helping our clients bring their cases to successful resolutions.

From our offices based in Fort Worth, Texas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, our trusted lawyers provide effective legal representation to people throughout Dallas and Houston. If you’re in the area and need our representation, get in touch with us today. Let’s talk about your case and your best options for moving forward during an initial consultation.