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Oilfield Injuries & Deaths Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

While the oil and gas industry plays a vital role in the Texas economy, as well as in the national economy, the phenomenal growth that this industry has experienced over recent decades is not without its downside.

In fact, such downsides can include the significant risks of injuries that workers face in oil and gas fields, as well as the possibility that disputes regarding the operations of oil and gas fields will arise. At The Haslam Firm, our Fort Worth oil and gas field injury attorneys:

  • Are dedicated to helping injured workers and others when negligence has caused them to sustain oil and gas field injuries

  • Are experienced at representing individuals and companies embroiled in oil and gas field-related disputes

  • Understand the complexities of these issues and cases and are effective at bringing our clients’ important legal issues to successful resolutions.

Attorney Robert Haslam brings distinguished experience to the table with these cases, as he has more than 35 years of experience with the oil business, a minor in geology, and a commitment to helping people obtain the best possible outcomes for their cases. Contact The Haslam Firm today to learn more about how we can help you and to talk with our Oil and Gas Field injury Attorneys in Fort Worth, TX.

Negligence in Oil and Gas Field Injuries

When negligence contributes to oil and gas field injuries, it can specifically take the form of:

  • Companies failing to run background checks on new oil field workers (Background checks could reveal a history of negligence that could or should bar certain people from being hired in the first place.)

  • Companies failing to properly train oil and gas field workers

  • Companies failing to comply with federal and state regulations regarding operating oil and gas fields

  • Workers failing to follow proper safety procedures, including when using heavy machinery

  • Workers using alcohol and/or drugs on the job.

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Here, it’s also important to note that:

  • The above are not the only forms of negligence that can contribute to oil and gas field injuries and injuries.

  • Oil and gas field workers commonly work 12+ hour shifts (and sometimes as much as 72 hours on end). This means that on-the-job fatigue can end up being a risk factor for oil and gas field injuries.

  • While oil and gas field injuries are often serious (and can include head injuries, dismemberment, burns, electrocutions, etc.), in the worst cases, they can lead to permanent damage – if not death.

  • When negligence leads to oil and gas field injuries, our Fort Worth lawyers will be ready to advocate for injured people’s rights and help them with their financial recovery.

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Representation for Oil and Gas Field Disputes

In addition to helping people who have been injured in oil and gas field injuries, our Fort Worth oil and gas field injury attorneys are experienced in representing individuals and businesses involved in oil and gas field-related:

  • Contract disputes

  • Land use disputes

  • Royalty disputes

  • Litigation

Fort Worth Oil and Gas Field injury Attorneys at The Haslam Firm

Have you been hurt in an oil or gas field injury? Or do you need help resolving an oil field-related dispute from experienced Tarrant County Oil and Gas Field injury Attorneys? If so, contacting the experienced Fort Worth oil and gas field injury attorneys at The Haslam Firm is your best option for obtaining experienced, effective help, as well as personalized legal service. Since 1986, our trusted lawyers have been dedicated to:

  • Aggressively advocating our clients’ rights and interests throughout the course of their case

  • Providing our clients with honest answers and realistic expectations

  • Crafting the most persuasive cases for our clients

  • Helping our clients obtain the best possible resolutions to their cases.

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