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Automotive Product Liability Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

The aftermath of an automotive incident due to a product defect is often disorienting and complex. Defective or damaged vehicle parts can cause serious injuries or even fatalities, leaving victims and their families with physical, emotional, and financial burdens. However, following these accidents, victims are often unsure of what to do or how to seek compensation for their losses and injuries.  

In such cases, it is crucial to seek legal assistance from an experienced automotive product liability attorney who can assess the validity of your claim and advocate for just compensation. At The Haslam Firm, we are experienced in handling automotive product liability cases and are equipped with the knowledge and resources to hold responsible parties accountable. 

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, we proudly serve clients throughout the Dallas and Houston area, as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving a damaged or defective product, contact us to request a free consultation. 

What Is Automotive Product Liability? 

Automotive product liability pertains to the legal responsibility held by vehicle and vehicle component manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers for the damages caused by defects in their products. Defects include but are not limited to: 

  • Faulty brake systems 

  • Defective airbags 

  • Defective seat belts 

  • Faulty door locks and latches 

  • Computer or electricity defects 

  • Malfunctions in steering components 

The laws surrounding automotive product liability address the fallout when vehicles or vehicle components malfunction and lead to accidents, injuries, or even fatalities. These laws ensure that manufacturers, distributors, and sellers are held accountable if they release products that are unsafe for consumer use, allowing injured parties to seek compensation for their losses and injuries.  

Injured by a Defective Vehicle?


Types of Automotive Product Liability Claims 

Automotive product liability claims can generally be categorized into three main types based on the nature of the defect: 

Manufacturing Defects 

These claims arise when the injury or accident was caused by a flaw in the manufacturing process of the vehicle or its components. Even if the design was safe, a mistake made while building or assembling the product can render it dangerous.  

Example: Faulty airbags that fail to deploy in a crash due to an error during the manufacturing process. 

Design Defects 

These claims arise when the injury or accident was caused by a flaw in the design of the vehicle or its components. In this case, the entire line of products may have the same defect, making them inherently dangerous for consumer use.  

Example: Poorly designed seat belts that fail to restrain passengers during a collision. 

Failure to Warn 

Failure to warn or inadequate instruction claims involve situations where the manufacturer or seller did not provide sufficient instructions or warnings about how to use the product safely or did not adequately inform consumers about the product’s potential risks, resulting in injury or accident. 

Example: Not warning consumers about potential rollover risks associated with certain models of SUVs. 

An experienced automotive product liability attorney can help identify the most applicable type of claim based on the specifics of your case, guiding you through the legal process to seek the compensation you deserve. 

Who Is Liable If You're Injured by a Damaged or Defective Product? 

Determining liability for a damaged or defective vehicle or vehicle part often requires a thorough investigation of the incident. Liability may rest with one or multiple parties in the chain of distribution of the vehicle or its parts, from the manufacturer to the retailer. 

If you've been injured by a damaged or defective vehicle or vehicle part, you can bring a defective auto claim against an auto manufacturer, designer, or retailer. To establish liability, you will need to prove the following: 

  • The product was defective 

  • The defect caused the injury 

  • The product was being used as intended at the time of the injury 

Manufacturers might be held liable under the concept of strict liability, negating the need for the injured party to prove negligence if it can be demonstrated that the product was defective and this defect led to the injury.  

Distributors, suppliers, and retailers can also be held accountable if they sell a defective product. In some instances, a claim can be brought under negligence, where you will need to prove that the parties involved failed to exercise reasonable care in the manufacture or distribution of the product, leading to the defect. 

As experienced product liability attorneys, we can help you by considering all aspects of the defective product, including its design specifications, manufacturing processes, and warnings or lack thereof. 

Potential Compensation From Filing an Automotive Product Liability Claim 

Victims of automotive product liability incidents may be eligible for specific types of compensation to cover their losses and injuries. Depending on the details of your case, potential compensation may include: 

  • Medical expenses: Covering the cost of current and future medical treatments related to injuries sustained from the defective product. This can range from emergency room visits to long-term rehabilitation services. 

  • Lost wages: Compensation for income lost due to time off work for recovery. If the injuries impact your future ability to work, you can also pursue compensation for lost earning capacity. 

  • Pain and suffering: Monetary compensation for the physical pain and emotional distress caused by the injuries. This takes into account the severity of the pain and its duration.  

  • Property damage: If the defective automotive product caused damage to your property, such as your vehicle, compensation might cover repair or replacement costs. 

  • Wrongful death: If the defective product leads to a fatality, the surviving family members may file a wrongful death claim to cover funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and the economic support the deceased would have provided. 

At The Haslam Firm, our experienced attorneys will work with you to make sure you receive comprehensive compensation for all applicable injuries. 

How to File an Automotive Product Liability Claim 

Filing an automotive product liability claim in Texas involves several critical steps to make sure you have the best opportunity to receive the compensation you deserve. These steps include: 

  1. Documentation and evidence: Collect and secure all evidence related to the defect and the incident. This includes the product itself (if applicable), photographs, and damaged property as well as records of all medical treatments, expenses, lost wages, and any other losses or costs associated with the incident. 

  1. Report the incident: Inform the relevant authorities about the defect and your injuries. Be sure to obtain a formal copy of the police report. 

  1. Seek medical attention: Ensure all injuries are documented by a medical professional. 

  1. Consult an experienced attorney: Reach out to us at The Haslam Firm. We understand product liability law and can help you understand your rights and how best to proceed with your claim. 

  1. File your claim: Our attorneys will help you compile the necessary documentation and evidence to support your claim and will file a complaint on your behalf. This complaint will outline your case, including the parties you're holding liable and the damages you're seeking. We will also negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and present your case in court if needed. 

Throughout each of these steps, having the right legal representation is crucial. At The Haslam Firm, our expertise in automotive product liability law means we’re equipped to guide you through the complexities of the legal system and fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Automotive Product Liability Attorneys Serving Fort Worth, Texas

Filing an automotive product liability claim is challenging. At The Haslam Firm, we use our legal knowledge, time, and attention to help you secure the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been impacted by a defective automotive product in or around Fort Worth, Texas, reach out to us to schedule a free consultation. Allow us to be your advocates, your voice, and your support as we tackle this journey together.