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Car Crash Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

Every 5 or so years, motorists are likely to be involved in at least one car crash, according to regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While some of these collisions are minor fender benders, in more serious cases, car crashes can result in catastrophic, irreversible – and sometimes fatal – injuries.

Unfortunately, the impacts of car crashes aren’t limited to just the physical injuries people may sustain. In fact, car crashes can also end up having some profound psychological and financial impacts on victims – and their families.

When car crashes have been caused by negligence, recklessness, and/or carelessness, victims should know that:

  • They are not alone, and they may have various options for seeking justice and compensation.

  • The negligent parties can be held accountable and made to pay victims for their injuries and losses.

  • The experienced Fort Worth car crashes attorneys at The Haslam Firm are here for them, ready to help them advocate for their rights and pursue financial recovery. Our Car Wrecks Attorneys in Fort Worth, TX have helped hundreds of car crash victims all over Texas.

The Car Crash Practice at The Haslam Firm

At The Haslam Firm, our Fort Worth car crash attorneys have been committed to helping people hurt in traffic crashes since 1986. Just some of the specific types of cases that our Fort Worth Car Wrecks lawyers have a record of successfully resolving include (but are by no means limited to) those that involve:

Our Fort Worth car crash attorneys are also:

  • Effective at helping people stand up to insurance companies when their auto insurance claims have been wrongfully denied

  • Proud sponsors of M.A.D.D. and supporters of stricter federal trucking regulations.

Our Fort Worth Car Crash Attorneys: Experience & Service You Can Count On

In addition to their extensive car crash litigation experience, our Fort Worth car crash attorneys are dedicated to always crafting our clients the best possible cases. To this end, just some of the things our Fort Worth car crash attorneys may do include (but are by no means exclusive to):

  • Retaining renowned experienced expert witnesses

  • Staying up-to-date with the latest jury research, development, and behavior analysis to manage litigation risks

  • Regularly conducting mock trials and/or focus groups prior to trial to fully evaluate possible challenges our clients may face in their car crash cases

  • Collaborating with colleagues around the U.S. when it will bolster our clients’ cases.

When it comes to consistently providing our clients with the highest quality legal services, our Fort Worth car crash attorneys can always be relied on to:

  • Provide our clients with honest advice and realistic expectations

  • Protect our clients’ rights and interests throughout the course of their cases

  • Craft the most persuasive cases for our clients

  • Help our clients successfully resolve their cases so they can focus on moving on with their lives.

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Current Cases

  • Lead counsel for Amanda Nicholson who was permanently injured by two North Texas men towing a disabled pickup half on the highway and half on the shoulder of the highway. Plaintiff discovered excess coverage and through its reconstruction expert brought about a major change in Amanda’s life. We also fought the medical subrogation and medical claims from her health insurance to prevent them from taking all of her recoveries. We worked with a structure settlement broker to provide lifetime payments for her.