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Balcony & Skylight Failure Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

Premises Liability: Balcony and Skylight Failure

When unsafe balconies and skylights collapse and hurt people, the trusted Fort Worth premises liability attorneys at The Haslam Firm can provide injured people with experienced help:

  • Holding building owners and/or others accountable for their negligence

  • Pursing financial recovery and justice.

How Negligence Can Contribute to Balcony and Skylight Failure

Balcony and skylight failure can occur for any number of different reasons, but when negligence may be involved, it can specifically take the form of:

  • Construction companies failing to properly and safely construct balconies and/or install skylights

  • Designers and/or construction companies failing to abide by municipal codes regarding the construction of balconies and/or the installation of skylights

  • Building owners failing to maintain aging balconies and/or skylights

  • Building owners failing to repair balconies and/or skylights that have problems

  • Building owners failing to warn people about potentially dangerous balconies and skylights (like, for instance, by not posting caution signs or fully blocking off areas around these unsafe features).

Here, we also want to point out that:

  • Balcony and skylight failure can happen in residential, as well as commercial, buildings.

  • When balcony and skylight failures take place in commercial or retail settings, having an experienced lawyer who knows how to stand up to powerful corporations – like our Fort Worth premises liability attorneys – will be all the more crucial.

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After Balcony and Skylight Failure: The Injuries and Options for Financial Recovery

After balcony and skylight failure, the impacts to bystanders can be devastating. In fact, just some of the various types of injuries that can be caused by balcony and skylight failure include:

  • Crushing injuries to people beneath these collapsing structures

  • Serious head and brain injuries

  • Loss of limbs

  • Bone fractures

  • Back injuries, which can lead to paralysis in the worst cases

  • Fatal injuries, particularly when people may be under these falling structures or when balcony and skylight failures cause people to fall from greater heights.

While the aftermath of balcony and skylight failure can be tragic, it’s important for injured people to realize that they are not alone and that they can turn to the experienced Fort Worth premises liability attorneys at The Haslam Firm for help with their financial recovery.

After Balcony and Skylight Failure: Contact the Fort Worth Premises Liability Attorneys at The Haslam Firm

Have you been hurt by a collapsing balcony or skylight? Or has your loved one been killed due to a balcony or skylight failure? If so, you can count on the Fort Worth premises liability attorneys at The Haslam Firm for personalized legal service and experienced legal representation. Since 1986, our trusted lawyers have been dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights while providing them honest answers and realistic expectations about their cases.

With our Fort Worth premises liability attorneys on your side, you can be confident that you will have experienced, skilled, and resourceful litigators:

  • Preparing to present the most persuasive case possible

  • Fighting to help you obtain the compensation and justice you likely deserve.