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How Do You Know When to Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm?

The Haslam Firm May 24, 2023

No one is ever quite prepared for the aftermath of an accident—especially one that wasn’t your fault. Of course, you’ll need to seek medical attention right away, but how will you seek compensation for your injuries and other expenses? It’s natural to feel frustrated. 

If something like this has recently happened to you, you might be left asking, “Do I need an attorney for a personal injury claim?” or, “How can a personal injury attorney help me with my case?” It’s important to pursue answers to these key questions.  

Reach out to our team at The Haslam Firm. The process of filing a personal injury claim can be complicated and time-consuming, so let us take the lead. If you’re in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, or anywhere else in Texas, set up a consultation with us. 

Common Personal Injuries

A personal injury claim can cover an extensive number of scenarios. If any of these has happened to you, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party: 

  • Dog bites 

  • Slip and fall accidents (for example, at a grocery store that didn’t put out adequate signage) 

  • Car accidents 

  • Being hit by a car as a pedestrian or cyclist 

  • Product liability claims (a defective or dangerous consumer product that caused an injury) 

  • Assault and battery 

  • Medical malpractice 

Knowing When to Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm

Many people who’ve suffered an injury are best off by working with a professional to seek compensation, but there are several factors you should consider first. So, when should you contact a personal injury attorney?  

  • Serious injuries: It may be difficult at first to determine if your injuries are considered “minor” or “major” which is why you should always seek a professional medical evaluation as soon as possible. This should be done even if you don’t think you were hurt very badly because minor injuries can easily turn into serious ones if they’re not properly addressed. Only a trained professional can tell you the extent of your injuries. 

  • You Don’t Know Your Options: Even if you’re unsure whether or not you want to pursue a claim against the other party, you should always take the time to learn about your options as they relate to your specific circumstances. The process will look different depending on the type of personal injury claim you’re pursuing and an experienced lawyer should be able to explain your options so you can make an informed decision about your future.  

  • Dealing with Insurance: If you’ve already filed an insurance claim with your provider or the other party’s provider, you know how stressful and time consuming this can be. It’s not uncommon to be contacted the very next day by an insurance adjuster who’s pushing you to record an official statement and agree to a settlement before the dust has even had time to settle. Your attorney can ease this burden by negotiating on your behalf, reviewing settlement offers, and offering advice throughout each step of the process. 

  • Proving Negligence Isn’t Easy: In any claim like this, you’ll need to provide substantial evidence to prove the other party caused the accident to take place and should be held legally liable for the damages it caused. This is a high bar to pass and a lawyer will know what’s needed to mount a successful claim.   

  • Is Texas a fault state? Texas is considered an at-fault state which generally means that you don’t have to file a claim with your own insurance provider first after an accident and can proceed directly to filing with the at-fault party. This can be more complicated but also has the potential to result in a higher payout and a qualified attorney can be incredibly helpful with this.   

Things to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney 

Once you’ve made the decision to seek legal help after your injury, the next thing you’ll need to know is, “What should I ask a personal injury attorney?” By asking a few pertinent questions, you’ll gain a better understanding of the firm and your options for a claim. Possible questions might include: 

  • Will I be working directly with a lawyer or with support staff? 

  • How do you collect legal fees in personal injury cases? 

  • Who’s responsible for paying these fees if I win? 

  • Do you think I have a strong case? 

  • On average, what can someone in my position expect to win in a settlement?  

  • Have you been successful with cases like mine in the past? 

  • What are your areas of specialty within personal injury litigation? 

Don’t Wait Any Longer for Support

In almost every case, you’ll be more successful by connecting with an attorney than you would be by trying to navigate this process alone. If you’d like to learn more about your options and get to know our team, reach out to us today at The Haslam Firm in Fort Worth, Texas.