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Ovarian Cancer & Johnson’s Baby Powder Case

The Haslam Firm May 26, 2022

A new trial has been ordered on claims of Johnson’s Baby Powder causing ovarian cancer. In the California Court of Appeals, Eva Echeverria’s lawsuit for $70 million in compensatory damages, as well as $347 million in punitive damages, was overturned after previously being thrown out in August of 2017.  Echeverria died soon after the original trial ended; her and thousands of other women that have suffered ovarian cancer claim that Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products are the cause.

After the initial verdict, the trial judge resolved there was insufficient evidence that Johnson & Johnson was liable for their product causing ovarian cancer, and the jury’s verdict was reversed. The state appeals court found that Johnson & Johnson could not be responsible, however their subsidiary, Janssen, would be liable. The court decided there was insufficient evidence for the punitive damage lawsuit, meaning it is likely the new trial will focus solely on compensatory damages against the subsidiary, Janssen.

Johnson & Johnson is met with thousands of Johnson’s Baby Powder lawsuits along with Shower-to-Shower lawsuits throughout the country, all claiming that the company has not been truthful of the linkage of talc in their products and ovarian cancer.
The company has endured multiple losses of these trials, with a $325 million verdict in New York as well as a $4.7 billion verdict for the suffering of 22 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Johnson & johnson has also faced allegations of their talc powder containing asbestos, which can cause major health problems including mesothelioma. The talcum powder litigation is pending in the federal court, and later this year, if the court finds reliable, sufficient evidence, Johnson & Johnson may face many individual trials across the nation.

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