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Should Someone Notify Their Own Insurance in Case of A Car Wreck?

The Haslam Firm May 26, 2022

If someone is involved in a car crash, he or she can notify their own insurance company. However, then they are going to be in a position of negotiating with the adverse insurance company, and that is equivalent to someone performing surgery on themselves. It is not recommended.

If someone determines they have been injured in a crash, especially where there are serious injuries that is the type of case where he or she will absolutely need the services of an experienced lawyer.

How Should Someone Deal with The Other Party’s Insurance in A Car Wreck Case?

Attorney Robert Haslam does not object to his clients giving basic information such as a name, address, telephone number and the date and time of the accident to the other party’s insurance carrier. However, one should not, under any circumstances, give a recorded statement or respond in a question and answer format or keep talking after they advise you that they have turned on the tape recorder. These people are adverse to the individual’s case. Their job is to pay out as little as humanly possible on any claim. They will be friendly, and try to engage in conversation. They ask seemingly innocuous questions such as, “Hey, how are you doing?” and that type of thing and they may or may not tell you that the recorder is going.

In fact in Texas, only one side to a conversation has to know that the conversation is being recorded. That is not legal in many states. Attorney Haslam advises people they should not, under any circumstances, proceed in a question and answer format or answer questions to probing questions about how the person is doing or what is hurting, etc.

These people on the other side are trained professionals and they have one job, and that is to minimize how much money they are going to pay on any claim and they are very good at it.

What Is the Importance of Immediate Medical Attention in An Auto Accident Claim?

Attorney Robert Haslam always advises people to do the right thing from a medical standpoint. He tells people not to worry about whether they go see a doctor or don’t go see a doctor or the timing of it all, when it comes to the context of the claim. There are a couple of reasons for this. Number one, it just makes common sense. A person needs to do what medically makes sense. If someone is only focused on doing what is best for the claim, it’s going to backfire and end up hurting it instead.

Additionally, medical conditions change, sometimes on a daily basis. There is no way to give someone a one-size-fits-all recommendation about when to see the doctor, when to get treatment, or when to have surgery. The correct answer is that when it comes to medical care, someone injured in an auto crash needs to do things when they are necessary and coincidentally, that is the best way that to present a strong, truthful, valid claim as well.

Why Is It Important Not to Miss Doctor’s Appointments in An Auto Accident Scenario?

When a client misses a doctor’s appointments after being involved in an auto crash, Attorney Robert Haslam doesn’t worry about what the insurance company thinks. He is more concerned with what the jury will make of it. Imagine that sitting on a jury and the person comes in claiming that he or she has been seriously injured and yet in spite of that, he or she has not followed medical advice, has not gotten the recommended treatment, has skipped appointments, and has taken affirmative actions that are against medical advice.

As a juror on that case who hears that evidence, many would think, “This person must not be that badly hurt because they won’t even do what their own doctor says to do.”

Therefore it is absolutely crucial that someone follow the medical advice and do what the doctor says to do. If the person who was injured doesn’t take those injuries seriously, the jury is not going to take them seriously either.

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